Prevent Permanent Pregnancy with a Sterile birth control

There are various ways to prevent pregnancy with contraception such as using condoms, birth control pills, birth control injections, and IUD (spiral birth control). But if you intend to prevent pregnancy permanently, a sterile birth control program is suitable for those of you who don't want to have children. Sterilization is the most effective method of preventing pregnancy permanently. There are two types of sterile birth control for women that you can choose, namely tubal implants (non-surgery) and tubal ligation (surgery). As for men, can do a vasectomy procedure. Tubal Implant Tubal implant is a non-operative sterile birth control method that is carried out by inserting two small metals (essure) into the fallopian tube (egg outlet) through the vagina and cervix. Each fallopian tube is filled with one metal. This tool will irritate the inner lining of the fallopian tubes and leave scars (scar tissue). These scars can eventually close the fallopian tubes and prevent sperm
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